Digital transformation for a production company

If your company was founded in last 30 years and activities have been developing since the beginning of business until todayyou have set the development of your own products in the last year. If that’s the case most probably the main goal of the company is to offer customers products that will be made according to customer requirements and will enable quality operation of machine elements around the world and on the other innovative measuring and cleaning devices that will ensure maximum quality, performance and productivity. , and through the years of data monitoring (so-called Big Data collection) enabled you to develop new business models and solutions. By now your company should employ technically qualified professionals? If this is true for your company, then you are welcome to read further.

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Digital strategy for business transformation

Digital strategy is strategy first. Therefore, its task is primarily to set strategic goals and form an understanding of how we will move the business path from the current state of the organization to the desired (more competitive) goal state. Only then is it also digital, which means that digital technologies are used on this same business path, with the help of which we can cross this path faster, and digital capabilities, which give us additional business power for digital business transformation.

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Family trip to Cuba with kids

Cuba is an interesting land that children will admire much earlier than adults. Children are not burdened with the history, politics, economy and geostrategic position of this Latin American country, which is why they are even more demanding as visitors. They do not care much about museums, tobacco plants, and rum. So what can Cuba in 14 days offer to a family with children, so that the trip will be unforgettable? The short answer is quality time at any moment in an exotic environment without the Internet and television at hand every second. Read our tips for traveling to Cuba with children in your own direction.

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Ljubljana Christmas Market – unique handmade craft

December in Ljubljana is always something special. It’s a cosy little city that’s not too big to see the fireworks, Baby Jesus cribs in the centeral church and stroll around the modern center of Ljubljana. The Christmas market is a originalblend of Ljubljana’s melos and the regional hand craftsmenship products that you can take away with you.

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Hair Care

“Tucker strokes my hair. There’s something so tender about the gesture. It might as well have been him whispering I love you.” ― Cynthia Hand, Hallowed